Chicken Coop and Run Before/After

When we moved into our house, we were thrilled that it came with its own chicken coop and run. Less work and money for us! However, on closer inspection, we realized that it was not appropriate for our future chickens.

These are some before pics of the coop and run when we moved in:

Over the course of three LONG months, we were able to:

-clean out the coop,

-move the garden boxes out of the run,

-plant some (sparse) grass and lay down some chicken shavings (for cleanliness and smell)

-plant a Harry Lauders Walking stick tree for shade and protection (when it gets bigger)

-plant some honeysuckle around the outside to help with smell and give some tasty treats

-enclose the open part of the chicken coop to make a bigger indoor space for more chickens

-replace the roof with a more durable and protective roof

Enjoy the transformation! Our chickens are so happy and always seem to have something to do.

I also wanted to post a few pictures side by side:

1 thought on “Chicken Coop and Run Before/After

  1. Much nicer. I love the idea of honeysuckle, hadn’t thought of that. Not sure if you have seen my blog, but we built a chicken coop from scratch [excuse the pun] and it was hard work. Chicken love it though.


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